Korg C540

Κωδικός προϊόντος: C540DR Κατηγορία: Product Brand:


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Ψηφιακό πιάνο, 88 βαρυκεντρισμένα πλήκτρα RΗ3 graded real hammer, Stereo PCM Hi Synthesis, ρύθμιση ευαισθησίας σε 9 επίπεδα, 60 νότες πολυφωνία, 40 ήχοι, 4 drum kit, 2 κανάλια εγγραφής (100.000 νότες), MIDI IN/ OUT, υδραυλικό καπάκι, μετρονόμος, ρυθμιζόμενα εφέ, 2 έξοδοι ακουστικών, 4 ηχεία 2 δρόμων 2x35Watt, σύνδεση με PC μέσω USB-2, χρώμα: σκούρα τριανταφυλλιά.


  • Sophisticated, modern design featuring chic dark rosewood colour scheme
  • The key cover is a soft-landing type that closes gently, providing the same experience of quality as on a fine acoustic piano
  • Based on Korg’s own philosophy of “Piano eXperience,” this instrument uses carefully sampled sounds that capture the resonances of a real grand piano, and deliver a rich and beautiful piano sound that responds to the expressive touch of the player
  • Korg’s original Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keyboard provides excellent response for repeated notes
  • The speaker system faithfully reproduces deep sounds with superb presence
  • The C-540 provides 40 different high-quality sounds, Layer mode and Split mode are also available
  • The C-540 contains 205 demonstration songs
  • The convenient metronome function lets you select various time signatures; choosing an accent or a bell to signify the first beat
  • Choose from 37 different drum patterns that make your lessons more enjoyable
  • Two headphone jacks – an ideal feature for piano duets, for sharing a song you’ve practiced, student and teacher/parent lessons, or for late-night practice
  • A convenient USB connector allows you to transmit and receive MIDI data, or to save a recorded song as SMF format MIDI data on your computer