Korg D4

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The Korg D4 4-Track Digital Recording Studio contains built-in effects, rhythms, and a tuner –  everything needed to plug in a guitar or mic and start recording right away. Five realtime knobs provide immediate control over numerous functions including a full array of Korg’s proprietary REMS modeling effects. These same knobs perform double-duty as Pan knobs and Record Select buttons. The informative backlit LCD screen keeps you on top of your recordings.
The Korg D4 also has powerful recording functions and sophisticated editing functions that rival those of much more expensive recorders. USB connector makes for easy data transfer to a computer. CompactFlash capacities of 16MB-2GB are supported for data storage. And all of this in a 4-track digital recorder that’s about the size of a VHS tape!


• 4-Track digital recorder features 8 virtual tracks per track, for a total of 32 tracks.
• Two tracks of simultaneous recording.
• High audio quality with extended recording times using MPEG1 Layer 2 compressed recording format.
• XLR and 1/4 inch inputs accommodate both a microphone and/or guitar.
• Intuitive user interface provides plenty of knobs for easy operation.
• Instantly recall frequently-used effect settings, including custom-tailored settings, using the Favorites knob.
• Five knobs (with push-button function) allow for easy effect editing and pan control.
• Full suite of non-destructive editing tools includes punch-in/out, bounce, copy/paste, delete – even pro-level functions such as time compression/expansion are provided.
• Korg’s proprietary “REMS” modeling technology delivers 93 effect types that can be used for guitar, insert, master, or final effect processing. There are 100 preset effect programs ready for immediate use, and 100 user program locations.
• High-capacity CompactFlash data storage.
• Transfer data to a computer quickly and easily via the USB connector.
• Built-in mic allows immediate recording on the go.
• 87 Rhythm / metronome patterns and a chromatic tuner are built-in.
• The custom LCD display is backlit for easy visibility – even in dark locations.
• AC adaptor and 64 MB CompactFlash media are included.